• Our products are designed with new environmentally-friendly materials, combined with fashion, simple appearance and function, and each of them is of excellent quality.

  • Focus on office stationery industry for many years, has modern production plant and equipment, experienced, stable quality, sales volume and value for money.

  • The company has strict internal quality inspection procedures, ensuring the quality of every batch of products is always stable, and has quality problems for 1 years.

  • The product is featured by its distinctive features, full range of professional categories, meeting office needs, saving time and cost for customers, and increasing the amount of purchase.

Zhejiang megus to Stationery Co. Ltd.
????Zhejiang Mike De Stationery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is a industrial and trade enterprise integrating the production and sale of cultural goods. The company mainly deals with student articles, art supplies, paper products, stationery and educational stationery, etc. The company has more than 80 people in production, technology, marketing and management. It has imported several import production lines, and its production facilities are perfect. We have
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